PublicSource is an independent, non-profit news group that focuses on original investigative reporting about critical issues facing Pittsburgh and the Western Pennsylvania region. It was launched to undertake in-depth reporting in the public interest. PublicSource will concentrate on issues that have a major impact on the lives of citizens and on those who have the power and responsibility to influence those events.

PublicSource is a newsroom free from partisan political influences. We work on stories that we believe are of vital importance to readers in the Pittsburgh region, whether they involve education, the environment, business, non-profits or any other topic. We approach every story with our ethical statement in mind and strive to be fair and accurate in all our coverage.

In addition to publishing original investigative reporting, the website also will publish the best reporting from a host of regional media partners and curate national news of interest to the region. Each report is selected for its ability to examine and explain issues of public concern.