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Pacific Crest Trail Conjures Memories and Gratitude

The Allegheny Front's been following writer Luke DeGroote's journey along the Pacific Crest Trail. This is the third installment of his essay about a hike of more than a million steps, which he made several years ago.

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Summertime Firsts: Roasting Marshmallows

Camping is one of the pleasures of the warmer months. For little people it can mean a lot of firsts: the first time sleeping in a tent, and hanging by a campfire. A couple of years ago, the Allegheny Front's Julie Grant and her then 3-year-old daughter joined their friends Aviva Gold and Steve Dilger and their 3-year-old daughter for the girls' first experience roasting marshmallows.

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From The Allegheny Front Archives: Chuck Tague's 2001 Duckling Story

In 2001 naturalist Chuck Tague recorded this account of his encounter with a duckling and what to do--or not to do--with young wildlife.<

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Naturalist Journal: Emerald Ash Borer Hits PA

The emerald ash borer has been found in western Pennsylvania recently.

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The Art of Seeing in the Summer

Naturalist Paul Wiegman sits down with Matthew Craig and talks about how to fully enjoy the natural world by truly seeing--not just looki

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A Fruit or Vegetable?

As you shop for your Thanksgiving dinner, you might be interested to know what is scientifically a fruit and a vegetable.

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Naturalist Journal: T'is the Season for Spiders and Owls

It's almost Halloween, but our intrepid naturalist Dr. Chuck Welsh says don't be afraid of a little spider.

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Naturalist Journal: Blue Jays

Host Matthew Craig talks with Dr. Chuck Welsh about aggressive Blue Jays.

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