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Marcellus Shale

Overseeing Deep Shale Drilling in Pennsylvania

The Marcellus Shale has become a game changer in Pennsylvania gas production.

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News Analysis: Closing The Loophole in Federal Oversight Of Drilling Practice

One reason a new wave of deep natural gas exploration in Pennsylvania and other states is possible is that the industry has improved a dr

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News Analysis: Pennsylvania Plans to Open State Forest Land to Deep Gas Drillers

Nearly 32,000 acres of state forest land in north-central Pennsylvania will be opened up next month to deep gas drilling.

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A Texas Mayor with a Warning for Pennsylvania

More air pollution problems may be on the way for Pennsylvania, according to a mayor of a small Texas town 50 miles northwest of Dallas.

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Groups Call For Drilling Tax Revenue To Go To Environment

Governor Rendell's effort to divert money from drilling that normally would have gone to conservation efforts to the general fund ha

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DEP Partners with Drillers to Deal with Wastewater

Earlier this month, we reported Pennsylvania didn't have enough treatment plants to handle the amount of wastewater expected from de

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Will The Pennsylvania Gas Boom Go Bust?

In the past couple years, Pennsylvania has been the center of a land rush the likes the state has never seen.

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The Dawn of an Appalachian Gas Rush

More and more of the natural gas produced in the US comes from ancient rock formations buried deep underground.

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