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PSU Task Force Helps Homeowners Reduce Energy Consumption

A long, cold winter—like the one that just mercifully ended—can be more than just an emotional drain. It can be a drain on home finances and the environment. But a program gearing up at Penn State aims to help homeowners pinpoint areas where they can reduce energy bills, and consumption.

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Pennsylvania's New Rush: Universities Compete to Study Shale

The gas boom in the Marcellus shale has set off another rush in Pennsylvania—colleges and universities trying to study fracking. Carnegie Mellon University, Penn State, and others have set up centers designed to attract funding to study shale gas. 

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Maligned 'Hockey Stick' Climatologist Strikes Back

For years, PSU climate scientist Michael Mann, who's worked with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has found himself at

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Study Says Mix of Pesticides a Problem for Bees

For years, scientists have tried to figure out what's killing honeybee colonies.

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PSU Professor Cleared of Most Charges In Climate Change Email Dustup

Earlier this month, a Penn State University committee looking into allegations made against one of their professors released its findings

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PSU Climate Professor at Center of Leaked E-mail Dustup

While all this talk of climate change is happening in advance of the Copenhagen meeting, there's also a public dustup among prominen

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