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Natural history

Field of Innocence

For commentator and naturalist Chuck Tague, the Flight 93 crash site in Stoystown will always be a "field of innocence." This commentary first aired in September 2001.

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The Allegheny Front Celebrates Winter in Pennsylvania

This week's Allegheny Front features winter activities in Pennsylvania.

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Naturalist Journal: Emerald Ash Borer Hits PA

The emerald ash borer has been found in western Pennsylvania recently.

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E. O. Wilson's First Novel Tells Tale of Conservation Through Boy and Ants

E.O. Wilson won Pulitzers for the books The Ants, and The Naturalist.

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A Fruit or Vegetable?

As you shop for your Thanksgiving dinner, you might be interested to know what is scientifically a fruit and a vegetable.

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Chasing the River--A Documentary on the Allegheny River

Host Matthew Craig talks with Video Producer Jay D.

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Naturalist Journal: Blue Jays

Host Matthew Craig talks with Dr. Chuck Welsh about aggressive Blue Jays.

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Letters from the Laurel Highlands: Spring Wildflowers

Naturalist and Photographer Paul Wiegman joins Host Matthew Craig to talk about spring wildflowers in this monthly installment of Letters

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Naturalist Journal: Amphibians Galore

If you ever wondered what kind of frog you saw in your backyard, our Intrepid Naturalist Dr.

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