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Natural history

Moorhen Marsh

The months of May and June are when most birds in Pennsylvania build their nests, lay their eggs and raise their young.

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Naturalist Journal: Blackbirds

You might be surprised to find the Eastern Meadowlark is considered a blackbird.

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Naturalist Journals: Questions from the Mailbox

In this latest installment of the Naturalist Journal, Dr.

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Salamander Park

Commentator Chuck Staresinic visits a muddy bog in Salamander Park, just north of Pittsburgh, to witness a rite of Spring, thanks to the

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Naturalist Almanac: Where to See Spring Wildflowers

Naturalist Paul Wiegman tells Host Matthew Craig where to go to see spring wildflowers in Western Pennsylvania.

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Letters from the Laurel Highlands: Maple Sugaring

Our Esteemed Naturalist Paul Wiegman sweetly reminds us that now is the time for maple sugaring.

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A Windy Letter from the Laurel Highlands

Our Esteemed Naturalist Paul Wiegman joins Host Matthew Craig to tell us that you can sense Spring is in the air when the wind starts to

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Naturalist Almanac: Pines of Pennsylvania

Evergreens are prominent in Western Pennsylvania's woods this time of year.

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Thanksgiving at McConnells Mill

Host Matthew Craig and Naturalist Paul Wiegman take a trip to one of the great state parks in Western Pennsylvania, McConnells Mill.

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