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News Analysis: Closing The Loophole in Federal Oversight Of Drilling Practice

One reason a new wave of deep natural gas exploration in Pennsylvania and other states is possible is that the industry has improved a dr

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US Energy Ordered to Cease Drilling

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has ordered New York based, US Energy to cease its drilling operations after 2 ye

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News Analysis: Congressional Democrats Want To Close a Legal Loophole In Regulation of Deep Drilling

One reason a new wave of deep oil and gas exploration in Pennsylvania is possible is that the industry has improved a drilling technique

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Off Shore Drilling Estimates Don't Add Up

President George Bush says Congress should remove the ban on offshore drilling because there might be a decade's worth of oil off th

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Groups Call For Drilling Tax Revenue To Go To Environment

Governor Rendell's effort to divert money from drilling that normally would have gone to conservation efforts to the general fund ha

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Will The Pennsylvania Gas Boom Go Bust?

In the past couple years, Pennsylvania has been the center of a land rush the likes the state has never seen.

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State Land Opened for Drilling

More Pennsylvania state forest land is being opened for natural gas drilling.

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