The Allegheny Front for the week of

April 20, 2013

Quakers Bring PNC Shareholder Meeting to Early End

PNC Financial Services Group's annual shareholder meeting was cut short Monday when mountaintop removal coal mining protesters disrupted the meeting.

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Cherry Trees Bring Japan to Allegheny County's North Park

Walking through a grove of cherry trees, petals gently riding to the ground on a spring breeze, might sound like something out of a romance novel, but it's actually happening right now in North Park in Allegheny County.

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A Real Return to Nature: Green Burials are Becoming Popular

Every year Americans spend $12 billion on funerals. While the funeral service sector says it provides a safe, dignified way to bury the dead, some say the environment is paying a high price for conventional burials. Green burials are a new option.

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Urban Activist Majora Carter Promotes "Greening the Ghetto"

Renowned urban revitalization strategist Majora Carter recently spoke in Pittsburgh about "greening the ghetto." Her successful projects in the Bronx are evidence that green spaces can help curb crime and poverty.

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Woodrats: A Disappearing Sign of Healthy Forests

Jen Hoffman was worried about a new mom that might be trapped in the woods. She hiked swiftly up a hill to get to her as fast as possible. The mom—is an Allegheny Woodrat. The creature is a fuzzy symbol of forest health and a species whose population is on the decline.

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