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October 5-11, 2013

Journalist Calls Fukushima a Cultural Disaster

Award-winning journalist Sam Eaton has reported on environmental topics from food scarcity and population, to the nuclear disaster in Japan.  Jennifer Szweda Jordan caught up with Eaton at the conference of the Society of Environmental Journalists in Chattanooga, Tennessee to talk about his work.  

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Chatham's Eden Hall Campus Grows with Sustainability Mission

Many people support the idea of sustainability. But Chatham University in Pittsburgh is putting its money where its mouth is. While some schools might have LEED certified buildings or grow some of their own food, Chatham's Eden Hall campus is being built with sustainability as its central mission.  

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Researching Sites for Frack Waste

The oil and gas industries show no signs of slowing down energy exploration in Pennsylvania and the rest of the Marcellus region.  But hydraulic fracturing can leave behind millions of gallons of polluted water.  Scientists at Battelle, a research institute in Columbus, Ohio, are looking for places to put it all.  

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Nuclear Power Advocates and Enviro Activists Make Cases For Journalists

While a full third of Pennsylvania's electric generation comes from nuclear power, we frequently hear more about natural gas.  While The Allegheny Front's host Jennifer Szweda Jordan was at the Society of Environmental Journalist's annual conference in Chattanooga, TN, she visited nuclear and hydroelectric power plants.

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Ecology Moves From the Field to the Screen

People who dream about being ecologists—and studying the environment for a living—might want to get comfortable sitting at a computer. More and more data are being collected and analyzed online, and that's changing what it means to be an ecologist.

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Design 99 Artists Mix Sun, Wind and Heat at the Mattress Factory

Mitchell Cope and Gina Reichert's installation at the Mattress Factory art gallery in Pittsburgh is a quiet space where you can contemplate the sky or enjoy the sun's heat without ever leaving the museum.  It's Mother Nature, on display.  We checked it out.

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