The Allegheny Front for the week of

November 2-8, 2013

Chemical Plants Bring Dangers and Jobs for Workers and Community

The fracking boom has led Shell to consider building a large petrochemical plant in Beaver County, Pa.  In Louisiana, the shale gas boom has already led to renaissance for the state’s large chemical industry, where jobs are abundant, yet dangerous.

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U.S. Coast Guard Publishes Proposed Policy on Moving Frack Wastewater by Barge

The U.S. Coast Guard, which regulates the country’s waterways, will allow shale gas companies to ship fracking wastewater on the nation’s rivers and lakes under a proposed policy published Wednesday.

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Activist Bill McKibben on Keystone Pipeline and Protest Power

Outspoken environmental activist and author Bill McKibben recently talked with The Allegheny Front. He's the founder of the climate action group McKibben will be in Pittsburgh Nov. 4 to receive the Thomas Merton Center's annual award for his work in social justice.

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'A Fierce Green Fire' Documents History of the Environmental Movement

People have been fighting to protect the environment from human progress for decades. A movie scheduled for the Three Rivers Film Festival in Pittsburgh portrays the history of the movement, from the founding of the Sierra Club, to families fighting for justice in Love Canal, to the current concerns over climate change.

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Invasive Grass Carp Reproducing in Lake Erie

While grass carp have long been favorite additions to backyard ponds to control vegetation, the U.S. Geological Survey has found the fish reproducing in the Lake Erie basin.  The invasive fish, native to Asia, may put the troubled ecosystem further at risk.

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Residents Say Dangers Still Exist at Love Canal

In 1978, the government officially told residents in the Niagara Falls neighborhood that they were living in a toxic zone as their homes were built on an industrial waste site. Niagara Falls residents and activists commemorated the 35th anniversary of the Love Canal relocation recently with a walking tour.

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