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November 9-15, 2013

How One Woman Took on Shell to Save Her La. Town

The petrochemical plant Shell is considering building in Beaver County is similar to one that the company operates in Norco, Louisiana.  The town was a battleground over how the chemical industry deals with its neighbors. A key figure in the fight was one very determined school teacher, whose only weapon was a plastic bag.

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Famed Activist Wilma Subra Helps Citizens Document Pollution

Chemist, longtime activist, and MacArthur Foundation 'Genius' grant winner Wilma Subra speaks with The Allegheny Front about working with people worried about industrial pollution around their homes.  The 70-year-old Louisiana resident says she'll only rest when and if "industrial facilities operated appropriately and didn’t have any impact on the communities." 

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Microplastics a Problem in the Great Lakes

Plastics are a part of modern life—they’re in everything.  Plastics are even in our skin care products.  Exfoliating beads called microbeads in many facial scrubs are made of plastic, and they’re making an appearance in a new study that looks at how much plastic ends up in the Great Lakes, and how it gets there. The little beads may mean big problems for wildlife and human health.

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Economists Question Corbett’s Marcellus Shale Jobs Claims

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett is touting jobs created by Marcellus Shale in his just launched re-election bid, but economists are questioning the validity of the figures he uses.

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PA Endangered Species Proposal Faces Opposition

An upcoming State House committee meeting is shaping up to be a showdown between environmentalists and industry groups. Developers of many stripes, including the natural gas industry, are supporting a proposal to add oversight to the independent commissions that designate endangered species in Pennsylvania.

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