The Allegheny Front for the week of

May 23-29, 2014

Birds for All Seasons: An Appreciation

Birds enrich our lives with their color and songs.  They are part of our landscape, but that landscape is changing because of pollution and climate change.  The Allegheny Front presents a special bird show this week. Host Jennifer Szweda Jordan explores why we're fascinated by birds. 

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Birdchick Not Your Grandmother's Birder

If bird watching conjures up an image of gray hair and goofy hats, one birder wants you to know there is another option.  Sharon Stiteler goes by the name "Birdchick," and her podcast, videos and public appearances are putting a more modern face on an old hobby.  

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Roger Tory Peterson's Artful Legacy

If you’ve flipped through many birding guides, you’ve probably come across the work of Roger Tory Peterson.  In the 1930’s, his detailed drawings and paintings set the standard for how people identify birds by sight today.  His passion for birds of all kinds, and his keen eye are on display at the institute named for him in Jamestown, New York.

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Bird Files: Louisiana Waterthrush, Early Bird

Louisiana Woodthrushes are really wood warblers, and their contradictions don't stop there.  The birds are sometimes called "feathered trout" because they eat the spring insect bait fish love.  Our Bird Files series continues with more about this early migratory bird.

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Backyard Birds Inspire After Murder Hits Home

Even the most common birds can provide solace.  After a murder in artist Vanessa German's neighborhood, she wrote a prayer inspired by the idea that if God watches over the little birds, he watches us, too.

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