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August 29-September 4, 2014

Regulators Take a Listen to Gas Compressor Stations

How much noise pollution is caused by natural gas development? It depends on what you’re hearing: drilling, fracking, or processing gas. This summer state regulators are trying to get a handle on one of the most persistently noisy places—compressor stations.

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Study: Environmental Movement Lacks Diversity

How diverse is the green movement? Not very. This week The Allegheny Front speaks with Dorceta E. Taylor, author of a new report that exposes the disparities between whites and minorities employed at the nation's top environmental groups.

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Gov. Corbett Praises Airport Drilling, Others Concerned

At the kickoff of a natural gas drilling project at Pittsburgh International Airport, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett said the energy produced will lessen America’s dependence on foreign oil. Clean water advocates say that claim is unsubstantiated.

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Bird Files: Blackpoll Warbler Fattens Up for Migration

Packing for a cross-country trip is all about the right clothes for the weather and remembering snacks to get through long car rides or flights. For the Blackpoll Warbler, it's about doubling in size and using new fat to fuel its overseas migration. 

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