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February 13-19, 2015

As Fracking Nears Schools, Parents Push Back

As gas drillers look for more places to drill, their wells edging closer to schools—in some cases less than 1000 feet. This doesn't sit well with many parents.

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Unlocking the Secret World of the Snowy Owl

In the past two years, there have been major irruptions, or migrations, of Snowy Owls in the western Great Lakes region, and Project SNOWstorm is raising money to track those owls and their movements.

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Teaching Climate Science in West Virginia

For most scientists, the debate over whether climate change is happening, and whether it’s caused by human burning of fossil fuels, is settled science. But in West Virginia, there’s a debate about what to teach school children about climate change.

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Artist Thornton Oakley's View of Smoky Pittsburgh

Artist Thornton Oakley captured Pitsburgh's industrial strength and how people harnessed the power of its natural resources in a series of drawings completed in 1913. Six of those works are on display at the Senator John Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh through March 22.

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Bird Files: Ordinary Juncos, the Researcher's 'Rock Star'

You’re out taking a winter walk along a country road and a small flock of dark gray birds flies up in front of you—they utter a few sharp chip notes and you notice that they flash white on the edges of their tails as they flit away in all directions. They're Dark-eyed Juncos.

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Wolf Proposes Tax on Gas Drillers to Fund Education

Governor Tom Wolf made good on a campaign promise with a proposed a 5 percent tax on natural gas drilling to increase funding for public education.

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