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April 3-9, 2015

AF Video: Why is Fracking Wastewater Radioactive?

Filmmaker Josh Kurz and The Allegheny Front's Reid Frazier created this explainer about why the water used in fracking oil and natural gas from the ground—flowback—is radioactive. And just where does that dirty, salty waste water go? It's fracking amazing.

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Where Fracking Waste Spills, Concern for Groundwater

A gas company recently got slapped with a record fine after fracking wastewater leaked out of storage ponds in Pennsylvania. What’s in this wastewater, and what happens when it gets on the ground? Communities around drill sites and scientists are asking those questions.

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Fracking and Groundwater Contamination? It's Complicated

In one Pennsylvania town, locals say gas drilling ruined their water. But the state has said drilling had nothing to do with the bad water. What happened? Scientists are still trying to figure it out. This is the latest part of our series 'Exposures.'

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