The Allegheny Front for the week of

October 23-29, 2015

Your Environment Update for October 29, 2015

A robotics professor at Carnegie Mellon is taking a bite out of vehicle emmissions by helping traffic flow better.

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Why Some Big Businesses are Backing the Clean Power Plan

It's not just environmentalists that are backing Obama's new plan to curb climate change. Big box stores like Staples are throwing their weight behind it too.

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The Men and Women of Pittsburgh's Sewers

Damon “Hop” Hopkins only needs three words to tell you about the grossest thing that’s ever happened to him working in Pittsburgh’s sewers. “Chest high. Feces.”

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Critiquing the Campus Sustainability Movement

Almost 700 colleges and universities have taken up the goal of sustainable development. But anthropologist Peter Wood says we need to take a harder look at the movement's politics and promise.

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Food Companies Show Concern about Farm Runoff

Fearing a backlash from customers, big food companies like Coke and Nestlé are working with farmers to reduce their contributions to water pollution.

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Can Affordable Housing Also Be Green?

A new project in State College is aiming to show that building affordable housing can also be environmentally responsible. 

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